Mr Farage, this website is yours for ££1,000,532

(all proceeds go to the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants)

Nigel Farage likes to think he’s a political genius, but most of us know he’s just an opportunist who preys on people’s fears. Anyone who’s failed seven times to get elected to Parliament (once beaten by a dolphin called Flipper) is no strategic guru. So perhaps it was no surprise when we noticed he forgot to buy the website for The Brexit Party - his shiny new political party ego vehicle.

So we snapped up

Scroll forward a few months and we just received an 8-page legal letter from his corporate lawyers Wedlake Bell coming after us for copyright and intellectual property infringement. And guess what? Farage is using European law to attack us 🤦‍♀️

The legal claim subbmitted by Mr Farage's Lawyers

He’s complaining we ripped off his crappy logo back in May to mock his party’s lack of policies and he’s demanding we hand over the website.

Farage has no legitimate claim on the website. We bought it, it’s ours.

However... in the spirit of goodwill and Christmas cheer we are willing to give it to him. For a million quid. All proceeds to the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants (the price goes up £50k a day).

Over to you Mr Farage. If you really want this website then stump up the cash.

NOT NIGEL FARAGE? Then we need you. Here at Led By Donkeys we’re doing all we can to expose Johnson, Farage and their Brexit buddies before December 12th. We have big plans for the next three weeks but we need your help to make them happen.


Christmas is a time when people come together. People like Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage, who are now in a de facto electoral pact. An egomaniac with a long and shameful history of inciting racism is now in alliance with Nigel Farage.

To celebrate the Johnson/Farage seasonal kinship, we’ve launched a Tory-Brexit Party electoral alliance advent calendar. Open a new door each morning between now and election day to see examples of lies, lunacy and hypocrisy from the Brexit Party and their new electoral allies, the Conservatives.

Ho, ho, ho.


Nigel Farage despises our NHS

Here he is, caught on camera, telling UKIP supporters that the NHS should move towards a US-style, insurance-based system run by private companies.


The Tories are now the party of Nigel Farage

They’ve gone that far right.

(Location: Conservative Party HQ)


Man of the (millionaire) people

Remember when Farage got called out for taking a private plane for his work commute? The mask slipped...


Running away from an advan lol

Here's Farage abandoning his fellow "March to Leave" walkers in a desperate bid not to be confronted with his own words on our giant TV screen.


Where is everyone?

This little video's had more than 2 million views across social media. Farage wanted his "March to Leave" to be a grand success. In reality it was a miserable failure.


Remember this?

Nigel Farage's outfit Leave.EU promised us that any concerns that Nissan might scale back its car production after Brexit were part of "Project Fear".

Led by Donkeys Logo

"He's lying to you"

Nice work Seb Dance in the European Parliament.

Led by Donkeys Logo

Meet Flipper

This is the dolphin that beat Nigel Farage in one of his seven failed attempts to get elected to Parliament.


Channel 4 News on Farage

If you've not watched Channel 4 News's look at Farage's funding secrets, have a watch now.