Let's fight for democracy

Politics is broken. Enough is enough.

We need to change politics for good. Let’s put the principles of Trust, Honesty and Integrity at the heart of our democracy.

That’s why we’re publishing our manifesto so that voters on the 23rd of May know what they’re voting for.

This is about more than Brexit, it’s about what kind of country we are.

Nigel Farage*, Brexit Party Leader.

*we’re not really Nigel Farage, but the text above is lifted straight from a Brexit Party leaflet. Apart from the sentence about the manifesto. Nigel Farage has refused to publish one ahead of the elections so we’ve done it for him based on his own words and the statements and policies of his Brexit Party candidates. If like us you think it's important to hold Farage and his candidates to account as they seek election, you can chip in to the campaign, download and spread the artwork (we'll update it as we go) or follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Keep watching as we paste this Brexit Party manifesto across the country. Led By Donkeys x

The Manifesto

Location: Radford Road, Coventry

Location: Abbey Road, Neath

Location: East Reach, Taunton

Location: St Pancras Way, London

Location: New Town Row, Birmingham

Location: The Arsenal, London

Location: Winterstoke Rd, Bristol

Location: Bollo Lane, London